We love our supporters and are blessed to have this ministry, but like everyone else we need to make sure we can pay our bills. We have a small team and are very efficient with our funds, so your donations go a long way to support us. Our expenses include paying our writers, web designers, promotions, and our email service provider, all of which adds up very quickly. Below you will find some ways you can support our ministry and help spread God’s Word to even more people. Thank you and God Bless.
Below is a list of individuals who help make our ministry possible by donating $10 or more a month through patreon. A huge special thanks goes out to all those listed below!
  • Jean Popovich
  • Brenda Walker
  • Dottie Pepper
  • Yaneth Calzada
  • Savio Pereira
  • Kathy Marie Smithberger
  • Nicolas Duchesne
  • Kim Hume
  • Ray Basil
  • Brian Butler
  • Chris Heaton
  • Cynette Barnes
  • Debbie Nipper
  • Danielle Shrumm
  • Vanessa Crichlow
  • Sandra T Pierallini
  • Harry Kendall Gallagher Jr
  • Dawn Phillips
  • W Lacon Carver
Patreon is a popular platform which makes it easy for individuals to make contributions on a month to month basis. We also offer a number of rewards including access to our emails 7 days a week instead to the usual 5.
There are several ways you can make a one time donation. Below is a button that allows you to send us money using paypal, your credit card, or you can send us a personal cheque to the address below.  And if you have any questions about our ministry or would like to talk to a real person you can contact David at davidroads1@hotmail.com

David Roads
109 East 17th Street Suite 63
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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